It is well known that the transition from the river Mersey being little more than an open sewer to being one of the best known sea fishing venues in the UK has been nothing short of miraculous.  Species being caught include cod, whiting, thornback, conger, bass, flounder, dab, plaice, sole and eels.  Salmon have been recorded at Warrington and are believed to breed further upstream.

Further testament to the cleanliness of the river can be seen around the location of the club.  Flocks of wading birds feeding is now a constant sight and what used to be barren rock and mud is now mussel beds.

The improvements in water quality have resulted in a tremendous increase in fishing activity in and around the estuary with several North Wales charter boats basing their winter operation in Liverpool.

Liverpool Sailing Club is the ideal venue to access the whole of the estuary.  Last winter, fishing off Garston (8 miles from the sea) I caught cod, whiting, thornback and flounder.  During the summer months bass are regularly caught from the shore at Speke and Hale, our slipway gives access to channels in this area which cannot be accessed from the shore and so have never been fished.  Having enjoyed considerable success in winter I am looking forward to exploring the potential in summer and will be reporting the results on this website.

Don’t wait to hear about it second hand – join the club and come and explore with us !

Howard Youdan