This section will be a helpfull resource to all and essential reading for new members.

It is strongly recommended that new members read through this section and download the guide(s) as seamanship information is no longer included in the joining pack, you may want to print out for future reference.  The guide contains specific local information relvent to the club home waters.  The external sites link on the right take you to general and further information as well as online tutorials.

The following information can be downloaded in a convenient printable format here

LSC Local Seamanship Guide

in downloadable PDF format.


If you have any questions about the club waters or seek information please speak to one of the flag officers.


2014 Rock Channel Passage guide.


in PDF format.


2013 Garston Rocks/Garston Channel Navigation Guide.  Last years deep water channel past Garston Rocks.  In lieu of more up to date information this guide remains available.

LSC Garston Rocks Passage Guide

in downloadable PDF format.


Liverpool Tidal Curve

in downloadable PDF format.

(print in landscape format).




External Seamanship Sites
Navionics Charts